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A Billet Dad Is Dying To Get Ready For Playoffs!

Playoffs are always an exciting time for a team and can be a nerve wrecking experience for the organization.  With playoffs happening now for many teams this is a story that many of you can relate to.  However, not many of you have spouses that would go as far as mine did.  If you are a Billet you hope your Billet Son’s team makes it to playoffs.   There are many different things they will do to prepare mentally and physically.   Every one of them will likely have their own pregame or playoff superstition that they follow.  Read here some of the different superstitions used by famous NHL players.

I have seen them dye their hair blonde or black, grow beards, get numbers and letters cut into their hair, get their heads shaved or partly shaved and even do nothing at all.

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The Whole Team Does It!

The biggest thing for players to do was to dye their hair and the whole team would do it.   You would often see them lined up for the anthem and everyone’s hair would be the same colour.  Yes, usually that horrible yellow colour, you know the one I mean.  Now they are more likely to just grow a beard but it was always a laugh to see them with their hair dyed especially those that had natural brown, black or red hair.  It wasn’t quite so bad for those with blonde hair but still the colour was anything but natural.  On rare occasions they would even dye their beards to match their hair.  What a sight!

Although it isn’t as common now it is still a real conversation piece when a team decides to dye their hair or beards.

A Billet Dad Is Dying To Get In On The Action

It isn’t bad enough though that these players dyed their hair for playoffs but when your husband decides to join them  it is a totally different situation.

The season that stands out the most in my mind is the year my Billet Sons made playoffs.  They convinced my husband to dye his hair the same as the team.  As our Billet Son  put it he wanted him to be the only Billet Dad and only fan in the stands with hair that matched the players on the team.

I couldn’t believe it and of course said “no way are you going to dye your hair!”  As my Billet Husband so nicely put it “Yes, I am going to dye my hair (he was blonde anyway) to match the team, why shouldn’t I?|

Our Billet Sons went out and bought the dye and the three of them (we had 2 players at the time) got together one night and decided to dye their hair.  Guess who did the dying?  I did, right in my kitchen and rinsed it out in my kitchen sink.  I figured I might as well as I wasn’t going to talk them out of it anyway.  I don’t know why my husband wasn’t embarrassed by the whole thing.  His hair came out a horrible yellow colour as did our Billet Sons.

My husband went to the rink proudly that first game of playoffs.  Everyone commented on his hair and I mean everyone!  I was almost embarrassed to be with him but as I said “it wasn’t me with the yellow hair it was him.” Even the players parents made comments, some even congratulating him on being so brave and being a real team player. Some of these same parents where absolutely horrified though when they saw my husband’s hair and their own son’s hair!

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Laughing At Dying?

In that first game of playoffs the whole team looked up and saw him sitting in the stands and smiles broke out everywhere.  They just couldn’t contain their laughter and they all cracked up on the bench.  Even the owner of the team couldn’t believe what he had done but was glad he did it for the team.  Our two players laughed and joked about this for weeks after.

My husband let it grow out and didn’t even think about dying it to cover up the awful colour.  However, not everyone would stick with that colour for long.  Here is a way to fix a bad dye job.


All in all my husband was really dying to go to playoffs with his new dye job!  He truly had playoff fever!



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