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A Billet Mom Loves Her Kitchen

I am in love with my kitchen after all I spend most of my time in it.   As a Billet Mom I spend literally hour’s just preparing food, cooking and cleaning up.  I would estimate that I likely spend at least five hours of my day here.  I cannot count the number of meals I have prepared, the treats I have baked, and the experimenting I have done with new recipes.  I have cooked until I almost dropped.  Am I complaining?  No, not a bit because there isn’t anywhere I would rather be then in my kitchen.  It is my favourite room in the whole entire house.

The Most Important Room In The House

To this Billet Mom the kitchen is the hub of our home and by far the most important room in our house.  It is the busiest room and there is always something happening here.

When the boys came in they always headed to the kitchen first and I remember one of my Billet Sons saying “he always knew where to find me because I was always in the kitchen”

I love to cook but don’t let anyone ever tell you that the kitchen is just for cooking, baking and eating because this Billet Mom will prove them wrong.

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My kitchen is my domain, my space, well most of the time that is.  We enjoy eating here of course and chatting over our meal.  Countless things happen in the kitchen and as a Billet Family we spend a lot of time here.  I think of the times when I would sit at the kitchen table discussing my Billet Son’s game.  I remember when I would give some motherly advice to my Billet Son.  We have many good conversations around our kitchen table.  Other times I would lay out my medical supplies for those minor repairs that are always needed if you are a Billet Mom.  I applied ointments and bandaged wounds, nothing too major though as this Billet Mom has a queasy stomach. We also would have a lot of fun when we gathered in the Kitchen to play some board games or cards.

Other Things Happen In The Kitchen

So much happens in the kitchen and here are just a few other things that happened in ours.

  • I prepare my shopping list and go through the flyers, looking for the deals of the week.
  • I pay bills
  • Work on my computer
  • Read the local newspaper
  • Write out birthday, sympathy and get well cards
  • Do crafts and repair broken items
  • Mend clothes and sew on buttons.  Actually my husband does more of this then I do!
  • Fold the laundry
  • Visit with family and friends over a cup of coffee or tea
  • Sign important papers
  • Count coins.  Read my story here on collecting coins
  • Do puzzles from the newspaper and word search puzzles
  • Talk to Salesmen

My husband likes to sit at the kitchen table; papers spread out and make business calls.  He seems to think that the Kitchen is his office. Many times I have had to clear the table of his papers just to set the table for a meal.

Although there are many things we do in our kitchen here is an article on some things you should never do in a kitchen.   However, these interesting articles suggest things we should do in our kitchen first thing in the morning and before we go to bed.

Big Kitchen, Big Meal

On the farm we had a BIG kitchen and Mother served up BIG meals.  My fondest memories are of the days Mother would cook for at least eight hard working farm hands.  At meal time they came in from the fields starving and could they eat.  To this day my mouth waters when I think of those wonderful meals Mother prepared for them.  Those were the greatest meals I have ever had and I can still see Mother preparing the meal.


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A FARM KITCHEN…….Photo Credit:

We Had Two Kitchens

We didn’t just have one kitchen on the farm but we had the luxury of two kitchens as most farm houses did.  Mother prepared our meals in the main kitchen but during the summer we ate in the summer kitchen or back kitchen as it was called.  Our back kitchen had a huge long table that would accommodate all the guys helping on the farm.  When it was thrashing time those big farm boys just wouldn’t have fit in our regular kitchen.  Our summer kitchen was mainly for eating but was equipped with a wood stove which Mother used occasionally in the winter.  In the winter months our back kitchen was used for taking off your winter boots so you didn’t bring snow into the house.  Mother also kept her leftovers out there when she ran out of room in the refrigerator.

Funny And Embarrassing Things Happen In A Kitchen

One of my most embarrassing moments happened in the kitchen and you can read about it here.  Also, one of my funniest experiences happened in my kitchen and you can read my story here.  I have laughed until the tears flowed down my cheeks and wept until I couldn’t control my tears all while sitting at my kitchen table.

Yes, as a Billet Mom I would be totally lost without my kitchen.  To me it is by far the most important room in any house.





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