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“A Team In Heaven” A Poem For The Humboldt Broncos

As a Billet Mom I cannot comprehend the feelings of those that are dealing with this tragedy.  I cannot imagine what they have had to go through over the past few days.    I don’t know the impact this has had for all involved.  What I do know is how everyone is reaching out to these people and for that I am grateful.  To see and hear how everyone has come together I know they are not alone in their recovery.

A Dedication To The Humboldt Broncos Hockey Team

As I read article after article and watched hour after hour of stories related to this accident I couldn’t help but feel a deep sadness for all involved.  Now, as I sit and try to sort out in my own mind what happened I thought it fitting to write a poem.  Through the tears and sadness I sat down and wrote.  I would like to dedicate this poem to the Humboldt Broncos Hockey Team and to anyone that was connected with this team in any capacity.  Whether it be a player past or present,  the parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, billet parents, relatives, friends, or fans they all need our support.  Donations can be made through Go Fund Me.  If you would like to make a donation click here.

I hope they all find comfort and strength to go on as they try to pick up the pieces after this horrible tragedy.  My Deepest Sympathy to all those who mourn.  My thoughts and prayers are with the players that have been released and to those in the hospital recovering.


A Team in Heaven

He reached out and said “your time on earth is done,”

“But your life here with me in Heaven has just begun.”

“I welcome you here where there is no sorrow or pain,”

As he called out to each of them by their given name.

I know that on earth everyone is wondering why this took place,

And how they will mourn for you and miss seeing your face.

Many tears will be shed and many, many hearts are broken,

And much of the time only a few words will be spoken.

Supporting each other the families and community will,

As each one of them try to climb up that steep hill.

For those who are still recovering a prayer we will send,

And through our support and prayers they will mend.

Your teammates really need everyone to pray,

As they recover and gain back their strength day by day.

Just know that the families and everyone left behind,

Will shed many a tear but strength to carry on will find.

Now it is time to tell each of you that I had a plan,

And just hope that you will all try to understand.

As I have always had a certain dream,

And that was to own a hockey team.

An experienced Coach I will surely need,

And a qualified Assistant Coach to help him lead.

I need someone who can take stats and remember names,

And of course an announcer who will broadcast the games.

I need an athletic therapist who really does care,

A goalie and an experienced captain who is fair.

I need defensemen and forwards to make up the team,

And a bus driver to get them around it would seem.

As we mourn the loss of all who are gone,

God believes they are where they belong.

And as much as this hurts and it is so very sad,

Gain comfort in the great life here that they had.

They all did something that they really did love,

And now they still are in hockey but from above.

In our hearts they will always be

But he needs them to keep him company.

 And miss them, yes, we all surely will,

But God needs them now for his team to fill!

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