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Did You Stop? a Poem from a Billet Mom

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In our busy schedules we sometimes don’t take time to stop and take time out for ourselves or take time out to think and reflect on life.  The inspiration for this poem came to me in my busy schedule.  I always seemed to be so busy and finally realized that sometimes we just need to stop and look at life and what it has to offer.  Here is the definition of stop.

No, it isn’t easy to take time out for ourselves and others in our busy world.  As a Billet Mom I felt many times that I really didn’t have time to sit back, relax and enjoy life I was just too busy. However, as I Billeted over the years I learned how to take out time for myself>  After my work was done I would sit quiet, reflect on my day and relax!


Did you stop and have a laugh today and take some time out to pray,

and did you say “thanks” to a special someone and also take time out for fun?

Did you stop and for a stranger hold open a door and yet another person adore,

and did you give someone a big smile and for another go the extra mile?

Did you stop and appreciate your home and let your mind on good things roam,

and where you thankful for your father and mother and helped out your sister or brother?

Did you stop and speak a kind encouraging word and try to make yourself heard,

and on life take out time to reflect and a bad idea you had, reject?

Did you stop and give someone a wave and yet for another the right way pave,

and someone their spirits uplift and really appreciate a special gift?

Did you stop and be thankful for a deal and sympathy for someone feel,

 and when driving let that driver go first and not always think the worst?

Did you stop and a broken heart mend and over backwards for a senior bend,

and did you take a minute to put your mind at ease and everyone you met try to please?

Did you stop  and have a good thought and a treat for another bought,

 and for nature express joy and a helping hand employ?


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