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My Mother Has A Halo and She Wears Wings

With Mother’s Day just a few days away I have been reflecting on times with my Mother.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her or something will happen that will remind me of her.  She has been gone for many years but I can still hear her voice.  This article is dedicated to her.  

angel, angels, Mother, Mother's Day, halo, wings

A “Feather” Angel

When I think about my Mother I think about angels.  There is no doubt in my mind that my Mother is an angel in heaven.  I believe this with all my heart and all my soul.

Throughout my childhood Mother was the kindest gentlest person I ever knew.  She never judged anyone, she always found the good in everyone and she had a heart of gold.  Everyone that knew my Mother would tell you the same thing.

I have the most wonderful memories of my Mother.  She taught me everything I know to this day.  She truly did lead by example.  She never raised her voice to me but when she spoke in a certain tone I knew she meant business.  Throughout the years I learned so many valuable lessons from her.  She taught me to always be honest, kind and considerate.  She always put others first and I was taught to do the same.  Mother was not a person to boast or brag and she made sure that I was the same.  She wasn’t very tolerant of people who “blew their own horns” as she would say.  Mother was an honest person and she taught me that honesty always was the best policy.   The life skills my Mother taught me have been with me throughout my life and I will be forever grateful.  


Growing up on a farm was not an easy life and Mother was a very hard worker.  She raised chickens, looked after the house, put meals on the table, helped us with our school work, did the books for our church, taught music, played the organ,  looked after us and never complained. She instilled in me the importance of working hard and in the end you will reap the benefits.  Although as a child I didn’t really believe her I find that now as an adult she was right.  Hard work does pay off.

angel, angels, halo, Mother, Mother's Day, garden, flowers wingsMother was a very generous person.  She never turned anyone away for a meal and she very rarely let anyone leave without a jar of preserves or pickles or even something she had just baked.  She would even proudly pick a bouquet of sweet peas, peonies or gladiolas and send them home with whoever came to visit.  She loved giving them flowers from her garden.  If it was in the summer she would send visitors home with vegetables from the garden.  

Mother loved life.  She was so thankful for everything and was always commenting on the beauty around her.  She loved her garden and her flowers.  She appreciated everything in life and taught me to be the same.  I always wanted to be like my Mother however, I fell short on many occasions.  She was soft spoken, I am not.  She was not critical or judgmental where I am.  I have tried over the years to curtail my opinions and as my Mother would say “if you have an opinion and it isn’t a good one keep it to yourself, do not hurt others by opening up your mouth.”   I to this day work hard to be like my Mother. 



angel, halo, wings, Mother, Mother's Day, garden, flowersyWhen Mother passed away my world ended or so it seemed at the time.  However, I decided the day she died that I would try and live my life for her so she would be proud of me.  I bought several angel ornaments in memory of her.  

I had been brought up in a religious home and I am so grateful that I was.  I had something to believe in and knew that I had someone watching over me with my Mother by his side.  Mother truly did live her religion.

I have dreamt many times about heaven and what it is like but now I dream about heaven and my Mother waiting there for me.

I have a vision of my Mother talking to God.  I just know that God has made my Mother one of his angels as there is no one more deserving of the title of “Angel” then my Mother.  Here is a description of an “ANGEL” as found in the Wikipedia.

I have sat and imagined Mother having a conversation with God about being an angel and it goes something like this.

GOD:  “Muriel you have been a loyal and faithful servant on earth.  You have lived your life for everyone else, worked hard, showed acts of kindness and now you deserve to be rewarded.”

MOTHER:  “Oh God, I don’t need to be rewarded I am just so grateful to be here and helping you in any way that I can.”

GOD:  “Yes, I realize that Muriel but I want you to continue here in heaven by showing others acts of kindness”. 

MOTHER:  “Oh, that is easy God I don’t have to change the way I am and I always believed in being kind to everyone.”

GOD:  “Yes, and that is why I have chosen you to be one of my angels.  I want you to be the angel of kindness and good deeds.”

MOTHER:  “Oh God I am so honoured but I don’t feel I am deserving of this title.”

GOD:  “Yes Muriel, you are more than deserving.  I know you will carry through with my wishes and be an example to everyone here in heaven.  I know you will reach out to them and help them in any way that you can.”

MOTHER:  “I will do my best.”

angels, angel, halo, wings, Mother, Mother's Day

My attempt at an
Angel drawing

GOD:  “You have always done your best so here is your halo and your wings.”

MOTHER:  “Oh God thank you so much.  Now I don’t want to sound ungrateful but do I have to wear a halo?  I really don’t want everyone to think I am showing off and to be honest God I don’t like wearing hats.”

GOD:  “No Muriel, you don’t have to wear a halo if you prefer not to.  Everyone will know you are an angel anyway.”

MOTHER:  “Thank you so much God I appreciate you understanding.  Now I wasn’t going to say anything but about those wings.  Aren’t they a little large?  Don’t they stick out like a sore thumb?  I am not sure I would feel comfortable wearing them.  How would I fit through a door with those on?”

GOD:  “Laughing, oh Muriel you were a farm girl I am sure you can figure out how to get through the door.  I want you to wear the wings but we can forget about the halo.”

MOTHER:  “I really would feel better if I didn’t have to wear them.  I don’t want to show off as not everyone has wings here.”

GOD:  “As I said before you deserve these wings and I want you to wear them proudly.  Everyone here got here because I saw the good in them and you always saw the good in everyone.   Wearing your wings doesn’t mean you are showing off it means that I have chosen you to help me here with others who need to be shown kindness and good deeds.  I need people like you that are kind and gentle and that can always see the best in everyone to help me out.  I need people who lead by example.”

MOTHER  “Well God when you put it like that I understand and I am more than happy to help you out.  I will do my very best and whatever I can do to help others.  It will be an honour to wear these wings.”

GOD:  “Glad to hear it Muriel now shall we go and find some people who need help?”

angel, halo, angels, wings, Mother, Mother's Day

Another attempt at drawing an Angel!

I believe you have to earn your wings and to me there isn’t anyone more deserving of them then my Mother.  I hope that when my time on earth is up that I will have earned my halo and wings.  Although I may be like my Mother and not want to wear the halo, as like her, I don’t really care for hats!

Every time I see an angel I think of my Mother and wish there were more people on this earth like her! 

Here are some Questions and Answers on Who or What are Angels?



Today as I looked up at the sky.

I saw a big fluffy cloud way up high

I was sure I saw an angel up there

Sitting on that cloud without a care.

But although her face I could not see 

I know it was my Mother watching over me!



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